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The Garden Candle
For Outdoor Use Only
Each premium-quality candle contains 10% essential oils and is made from 100% fully sustainable palm wax and a non-lead wick.
Highly effective in providing peaceful patio environments, these candles help create the perfect ambiance for parties or romantic evenings outdoors.
Each candle burns up to 28 hours.

Garden Incense Sticks
For Outdoor Use Only
Each tube contains 12 high-quality incense sticks, which are made from bamboo and burn up to 2.5 hours each. Place multiple sticks in a perimeter around your deck or patio.

AL CONES 1SMGarden Incense Cones
For Outdoor Use Only

Each tube includes 50 cones and an attractive ceramic holder. The cones are made from renewable bamboo and burn for up to 25 minutes each, providing an effective, aromatic scent. These earth-freindly incense cones are perfect for relaxing with a morning cup of coffee or an evening cocktail.